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Leo: Love, the protagonist of March

During this month of March, love will gain an important role in the lives of Leos, whether they are single or in a relationship. Following the wake unstable and full of changes that marks the love in their own future, people born under the sign Leo will live a few very exciting weeks.

With a renewed perspective on what the feeling of love means and what it implies and without idealizing relationships, Leos who share their life with someone will feel prepared to take an important step with that person. It looks like commitment is just around the corner.

For their part, single Leos will have to let themselves be reached by Cupid's arrows and stop playing hide-and-seek with him. In the first half of the month a date could completely change their lives. All those qualities that they always dreamed of finding will be found in this new person, who seems to have come to stay.

On the other hand, by mid-month some others may have to face a delicate test of love that will arise with the arrival of a third person.

It will be a time as unstable as necessary, since it will help them reconfirm their relationship and make it stronger. If that person is destined to walk with you, your love will survive any obstacle.


Finding ways to capitalize on your economy has to become your priority at the beginning of the month. The time has come to take back the reins of your financial issues and be realistic. The «don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today» will have to become your motto in an almost mandatory way.

If you manage to step over this barrier, that financial problem that you have been dragging on for some time will begin to come to an end. However, you will have to stay cautious and not be driven away by impulses, which translates into no credit and no big purchases in the first week.

As March arrives at its equator, the stars will propitiate a series of circumstances that will be very favorable. Your business and economic projects will come to fruition very easily; this will be the best time to start up new businesses if you wish.

At the end of the month, the pressure at work will be greater but you will know how to respond and everything will go perfectly well. You'll have the opportunity to show off, to stand out from the others and with everything, to receive that rain of praise and applause in which you like to bathe. But always remember that nobody said success was easy.


Physical exercise will become a priority for you; in your mind you will draw a sports routine that you don't want to give up for anything in the world. The most complicated days will be those in which you can't follow it, so you must control that frustration and bad mood.

However, the outlook is somewhat unstable and you should go for some medical checkups. Going to the eye doctor is a must for you and you are at risk of falling ill, take care of your health as much as possible and pay special attention to those insomnia problems.

On the halfway point of the month, a completely unexpected outlook will begin to take shape as the days go by. Fortunately, when a Leo is given a bad news, they don't bow their head easily. You'll bring out an overwhelming force and you will face the circumstances with integrity.