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Wanting something that doesn't suit you is something more common in human beings than it seems. Sometimes, what most attracts our attention is precisely what is harmful or not recommended.

How many times have you received a 'no' for an answer and that has motivated you to try to get what you want? In love something similar can happen sometimes.

Throughout the day you will have to face your impulses and make a decision. When we are adults, things aren't so easy, our actions can have unexpected consequences and harm the people around us.

You have before you a very complicated challenge, which is to fight against your most instinctive impulses.


These days one of the things you value most about your job is stability. You can't afford not to work, if you were fired it would be a real catastrophe. On the other hand, you are seduced by the idea of not depending on anyone professionally and/or economically speaking.

It'll be better if you start doing something to find a better job. If you don't decide to do so, in a few months you will be in serious financial trouble. But keep calm, it's not the time to act yet.


Your emotions determine your physical and health condition. If you have a few days when apathy or doubt takes over your mind, the effects that these feelings have on you will be reflected in your body.

You could suffer from headaches, indigestion and even feel more tired than usual. If you're happy with your life, the opposite will happen. Find those things that make you feel good and make your thoughts revolve around them.

It's not exactly easy to do but you will feel better and you'll go home with a smile. No one said it was easy, but for a Leo there is no obstacle that they can't overcome.