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When it comes to fighting for someone you care about, there is no one who can stop you. Like a superhero, you go out and give everything for that person. This phrase could summarize your attitude towards your life as a couple in recent days; the luck of love is on your side.

On the other hand, Leos who are in the middle of a conquest period should perhaps moderate a bit. Telling your stories of greatness can be interesting and make someone notice you.

But it can also cause the opposite effect. You can see yourself in the middle of a retreat, a lost battle if you boast too much and you are so egocentric.


In the workplace there are days when we have to take on tasks that we don't like at all. It's what will happen to you today, that you may find yourself facing a task you don't feel comfortable with or that differs from your principles.

You may even be the one in charge of letting your colleague know that your contribution to the company has come to an end. In any case, you will have to do something that will be unpleasant for you and you may even feel some remorse for it.

It's part of your obligations, you will have no choice but to comply with the orders.


If you start to include certain foods in your diet, you may get your circulation to improve considerably. This is a problem that has given you some headaches so far, this year and today someone close to you will give you some advice about it that will be very useful.

Oranges, lemons or papayas, foods rich in vitamin C, are very beneficial in these cases. Watermelon, thanks to its high lycopene content, is also very beneficial. Let yourself be guided and you will notice the difference.