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When choosing your next conquest, the physical appearance is a fundamental aspect for you. If a person's appearance doesn't appeal to you, it could be said that you don't even make the effort to get to know them.

However, this doesn't always happen and sometimes you've been attracted to people who you had a certain friendship with and therefore, you already knew.

Your ability to see beyond the external image will be intensified today, because a few words or appreciating a new feature of the other person's character can make you fall for someone you didn't expect.


It's Friday and if it weren't for the number of things you have to do this weekend it would be a synonym of party.

The lack of time has been a constant recently and that has forced you to set aside some issues that today you will have to solve without further delay.

On the other hand, the streak of good luck continues as far as the economy is concerned and today will also be a good day to make investments, businesses or carry out any financial project that is developed in the long term.


The gym will have to wait and realize that may ruin your day a bit. When something occurs to you, you want to do it now and you don't accept a no for an answer.

However, the truth is that today you will lack hours in the day and you will not be able to do everything you want. If you also wake up feeling swollen up, frustration will take over you.

A good way to end it is drinking enough water and infusions such as chamomile or even ginger tea.