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In this week that was supposed to be the one of love, your plans have turned out to go wrong. But it's just a false appearance. If you have been touched by the arrows of Cupid recently, you will live a few days of the most intense sexual level.

If you have a stable partner, you may have the opportunity to schedule a short trip that is not very far away but very romantic. If you don't have a partner, some days are coming in which you may find what you're looking for.

The club of those who have not found their better halves yet is full of interesting people, you just have to give them the opportunity to make themselves known.


They can't recriminate you at all at work and if they do, they may receive an impressive roar in response. Be careful with this reaction based on factors such as the sector you work in, the environment in your job or the seniority and reputation you have in your position.

If you go too far, you may receive a fulminating invitation to leave the company. You'll be in a bad mood but you'll be punctual and you'll just go in and do your work. There is only one way to improve your bad character: that your payroll increased considerably and immediately.


As you can see from your reaction, the strength of a lion isn't to be questioned. If there is something that hurts you, it's that they make you see one of the errors or realize that you look like a helpless and frightened lion, hidden in the undergrowth.

Be careful when this happens, because in the same way that you can get up stronger than ever, you run the risk of throwing yourself into the precipice. You may also be angry, possibility that according to the position of the stars is the most likely to show.

You have had bad luck and precisely this week it's very important that you are in a good mood because it will be decisive for your emotional balance.