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Horoscope for Those Born Under the Leo Sign for Saturday 31st March by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Saturday
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If there is something that makes you fall in love with another person, it's their smile. In addition to having the ability to dialogue and flatter; one of the things you value most when you look at the other person is their sense of humor and that they are positive.

They are qualities that attract you like a magnet that you can't resist. Your partner or ex-partners always have in mind those good times that they spent with you and that is because you do everything possible to get the other person always in a good mood so they live special days with you.

Although there are relationships that have an end, joy is something that never ends and lasts forever.


An astral movement announces an important change in your bank account. Maybe from now on you will enjoy higher income or get rid of a fee or some expense that limited your monthly economy.

Thanks to this, you will be able to give yourself some cravings and, finally, pay for those obligations that you had pending, such as an alteration or a repair of your vehicle.

However, be careful if you end up spending a lot of money because you may be ripped off. Before wasting money, make sure you have found the best option in terms of value for money.



Today you will feel special predilection for foods like tomatoes and this is because your body is screaming for you to do a 'reset'. In fact, for this reason you will notice an appetite for fruits and vegetables in general.

Try preparing a salad, a cream or a vegetable puree: it will feel great and you will find yourself with even more energy. You can also bet on infusions as a way to cleanse your body and, of course, for foods with fiber content such as tomatoes or kiwis.


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