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Calm will take hold of you this Wednesday. You will even feel strange with yourself, without that feeling of restlessness that you normally have.

After yesterday's reflection day and a relaxed chat with your partner, all your fears seem to have vanished and that feeling of walking on thin ice will have completely disappeared.

You'll bring out your most affectionate side and you will want to be constantly next to that person who makes you feel so good.

On the other hand, Leos who are single may be surprised when they receive an unexpected message from someone from the past who seems to come back like a warrior.


You feel like a fish in the water in your job and it's no surprise. You know perfectly all the ins and outs of your company and you have taken an important step that brings you a little closer to that position you want to occupy.

It is hard for you to see the goal you want to achieve but that's not negative for you, the opposite: the closer you are to your destiny, the less clear it is.

It's as if you were driving and you no longer saw the lights of the entire city in the distance, a sign that there are few kilometers ahead.



If there is something you shouldn't fear today, it's be the cold or sudden temperature changes. Your defenses are going through their best moment and you will not have to regret health problems - such as some kind of infectious process - that can ruin your day.

Continue to pay attention to your legs and do everything possible to favor blood circulation in your body.

Taking a shower of cold water in the morning will help you to relax and to activate your metabolism and to favor circulation.