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You will make a mistake if you let yourself be eclipsed by temporary sensations and give them more value than what they really have. That new person in your life threatens to tear down the foundations of your relationship, which are none other than trust and communication.

If you hide certain things from the other person, it's surely because you know it can harm them. In recent days you have let yourself be seduced by someone new and although you know the risks of taking a step forward, you seem willing to let yourself be carried away by emotions.

This can only end in a very traumatic and painful breakup.


It's a good time to start new projects. You have the favor of the stars and the current situation you have is favorable for this because you can spend the time they require on them.

For several days you have the advantage that generating new opportunities is very simple for you and you have in mind what you want, and you will go for it without hesitation.

Take advantage of this winning streak that you're having in the economic field, Leo, and don't be afraid when it comes to risk. Maybe you can start getting some profit before you expected.


That load of problems that you're going to have can make you feel ill if you're not careful. Even if we try hard to look after ourselves, sometimes there are things that slip through our fingers and we can't prevent as effectively as we'd like.

Having to completely change your daily habits and also doing it overnight may cause your mood to decline a little. However, you will get over it sooner than you think.