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Full Leo Magical Horoscope for Saturday, 10 February

Full Forecast for Today, Saturday
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Single Leos may feel more open-minded to do things they'd never imagined, like for example having a blind date with a friend's acquaintance; who knows, you might meet the love of your life.

Having said this, it's true that these kind of initiatives sometimes don't go very well, you will find it a funny way of breaking out of the routine and you'll just want to live the experience.

Social networking sites and phone apps belong to the past for you, you've been disappointed more than once after trying to get to know people for a serious relationship. Good luck in your new adventure!


If you put your problems with that credit aside, today will be calm financially. You have some extra money that you want to spend on some leisure plan this weekend, like going to the movies, going out to dinner with your friends and, why not, doing some shopping.

If you don't get too carried away by your impulses, which sometimes tend to lead you to consumerism and buy things you don't need, your economy won't be in danger. So, be prudent and manage your profits sparingly.


You've decided to do something so that what happened yesterday doesn't happen again. You didn't have much energy yesterday and you will spend part of today revising what you have in your fridge and throwing all that food that doesn't do you any good. 

You'll come up with some healthy and balanced menues to do during the weekend and that you can eat during the week. It's a very good idea but that will make you spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Remember to include fish in your nutritional plan and to eat both blue and white fish. Even though it's not your favourite food, you'll have to eat some if you want to follow a healthy diet.

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