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Leo Daily Horoscope |


There's nothing that you like more than being in charge. Although at first the attitude of that person that you just met didn't seem to convince you too much, you have discovered that this was because it is someone prudent. 

As if that were not enough, they seem willing to follow your pace and has begun to stop telling you compliments, so you will feel that you could not have found anything better.


The pressure of the last few days will continue to give you a break in your workplace. You will not feel so overwhelmed by the circumstances and you will even adopt a new attitude, a little more indifferent, when you face problematic situations.

You may have managed to change your mentality and you have begun to relativize, but it could also be something temporary and in two days you could go back to your old ways.

In any case, you will not feel able to act or respond in another way. You will want to have a more relaxed and less stressful work environment. You can achieve this once you have managed to focus and not let absolutely everything that happens outside your job harm you.


If not even leaving behind all those processed and even seasoned foods that you used to consume helped you get rid of stomach discomfort, it's not crazy to think that the underlying problem can be something more complicated to solve.

Give your body time to get used to this new diet but resign to the idea that you'll have to go to the doctor if you get any worse. There is some food that, even though you love it, you will have to avoid for a while.

It may be something sweet or even some seasoned with too many spices what could be causing this discomfort. Better safe than sorry and that should be your motto today.