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Leo Magical Horoscope for 6th February

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Look what you've done! It looks like you can't be left alone. Your head can't stop, it's going too fast and even if you're a dominant lion, you can't control yourself.

You made it clear that it's easier to control the others than to control yourself, like when you tell someone how to do something but you can't even do the same.

You're lucky to have the partner you have and the patience they have with you, so try to fix the mistake you made yesterday and be a bit more closer and affectionate to them. Seeing that you are well and that these downturns are temporary is what makes them keep believing in you.


Now that the hare has been discovered at work, all of you are very excited about your colleague's good news. It probably has to do with a wedding or the arrival of a new member of their family and today you will plan how to celebrate with them.

A surprise party would be great and you will have millions of ideas to propose. With such hustle and bustle, now you only have to get back to work. You might be called to do a quick training course. Without even realizing you are also beginning to take steps towards a big change.


Unlike yesterday, something seems to have been reset in your mind and today your good mood will shine with its presence. You have gained some enemies with your bad temper and there are still some people that are distrusting about getting near you, but that isn't something that the king of the zodiac cares about when he is in a good mood. 

You know very well that the sun doesn't revolve around anyone, the planets are the ones that move around it. Sooner or later they will orbit your influence area again. There's no one who can resist you.

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