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The Wednesday January 17th Leo Horoscope

The stars predictions for Leo
The predictions for Leo according to the stars |


If there is something you do not like it is playing hide and seek with your couple. This feeling that there is something you need to know or that he or she is not completely sincere to you is creating anxiety on you. 

Normally, your reaction towards this situation has been leaving in search for new interests but today you will do an exception. You have realized that there is a possibility that this fear will be unfounded and you love this person too much as to let them go. 

You will try to find out what this person is hiding from you, and maybe you discover something you do not really like. But do not worry: it is not what you suspect. 



You feel happy having everything under control. Today you feel like wanting to know where your money goes because you suspect there is something or someone who is taking some of your money from your bank account. 

You cannot understand how your salary decreases so quickly and you need to know the reason. Once you find it out, you will be able to plan your 2018 in an easier way having your money under control. 



You will be surprised by discovering the amount of natural remedies which can bring your fever down. Infusions made of apple or honey, lemon or thyme are used to decrease our body temperature.

However, you will prefer to do it as you have always done: having a cold water shower and some tablets is your perfect solution against fever. Avoiding the excess of shelter and resting in bed today will become, rather than a remedy, a need.