Leo MONTHLY Horoscope

23 Jul - 22 Aug

Leo monthly: Your horoscope for the month of January 2020

Love: You’ll Betray or Be Betrayed

It won't be your best month regarding love, Leo. Aquarian energies will make you wish for more freedom, enjoy your personal space and hobbies and spend time with your friends rather than your partner. There won’t be many romantic and homely days. You’ll want your loved one to act more like a friend than a partner.

You'll be eager to have stimulating conversations, make group plans, party and laugh a lot.

If you can't find balance in your relationship, the stars predict infidelity that could lead you to a breakup. You could be the one betraying your partner or vice versa. The decisions you’ll make this month will have a big effect on your future.

Single Leos will have to stop looking for that ideal person they have in mind. Don’t be afraid to show your more vulnerable side and learn to trust again. Only this way you’ll find true love.

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Money: You'll Manage Your Time Better

One of your work objectives this year is related to your daily routine: working less and earning more. You’ll start to implement your plan with a very neat organization and time optimization. You’re no longer willing to sacrifice your free time for work.

Little by little you’ll manage to achieve your objectives. However, on 20th January things may get unstable if you have a work partner. Arguments and disagreements may lead you to lose money. You’ll have to put your egos aside and look for the common good.

You will also be eager to organize your finances so that you can pay off your debts as soon as possible and be financially free. A savings plan will come in handy.

You may consider investing in real estate and buy a place to rent out.  

Health: Unforeseen Events May Cause Anxiety

You’ll start looking for a healthier diet. Shopping lists will come in handy when going to a supermarket and buying a variety of healthy products.

Magic Horoscope recommends you add natural yoghurt and kefir to your list to improve your gut health.

Surprises and unforeseen events in the middle of the month may lead you to anxiety. Meditating and going for long walks in nature will help you calm your mind.