Leo MONTHLY Horoscope

23 Jul - 22 Aug

Leo monthly: Your horoscope for February 2020

Love: Fun and Adventures

Venus (the planet of love) will enter Aries in your area of foreign travel and higher studies. In case you’re single, you’re very likely to find love abroad. If you’re planning a getaway or holiday in another country, you may fall in love with someone there, although you might also find your soul mate in a new class at your language school. Either way, it'll be a fiery and passionate experience, although it may not last.

Leos in a relationship may fall into the temptation to be unfaithful since extramarital affairs will attract your attention and your impulsive character may lead you to cheat on your partner. In order to avoid it, try to make plans and have fun with your better half.  

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Money: Beware of Scams

Be careful, Leo, as this month you could be tricked by people who will be eager to conquer you just to take advantage of your financial state. You’ll attract the so-called "gold diggers". Your work partners may also deceive you and lead you to make unprofitable investments. Therefore, be very careful with your cash, credit cards, and savings.

If you're going to invest your money, make sure you've gathered as much information as possible. Make deals only with the companies you've already worked with and that you trust completely. Even so, don’t rule out possible losses.

On the other hand, Mars in Capricorn in your work and health area will give you all the motivation and strength to carry out your tasks and projects. You’ll achieve better results if you work on your own, as your opinion will be inflexible, and working in a team won’t be your strong point this month.

Health: Overwhelming Vitality

The most warlike planet will influence you and encourage you to get in shape if you haven’t done it yet. You’ll feel the need to work on your muscles and increase your stamina. You’ll be willing to improve your health and turn your body into your temple.

This overwhelming energy may lead you to broken bones or injuries, so be careful when exercising and don’t overdo it.

When it comes to your emotions, Mercury retrograde may cloud your judgment and, as a result, you’ll put the needs of others before your own.