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The arrival of the most passionate lunar phase of the year is, for a sign of fire like yours, a special date. It seems impossible for you to detach more magnetism and attraction than today.

Learn how to manage this power of attraction, Leo, or you'll have a fan club knocking on your door. You can take advantage of this circumstance instead, to attract that person you want by your side.

As a sign of fire, you let yourself get carried away by passion and your impulses, some features that, although sometimes lead you to make mistakes, on this occasion more than creating problems, they will have the opposite effect on you, providing you with the most interesting loving opportunities.


There may be fewer zeros in your bank account than you would like, but it will be a temporary situation. It seems as though in the next few days you'll have to make a payment that will mean a significant expenditure, don't get alarmed because behind these expenses there is a high income. 

You will have to prepare yourself to manage all those sudden impulses that could jeopardize the status of your bank accounts. Just a click is a natural thing you do too often and can end up with catastrophic consequences for your pocket.


Doing exercise in moderation is very positive, more than you think. However, when you do too much of it, it can have unexpected consequences in the functioning of your body.

You'll feel especially tired today, and some parts of your body need more attention than necessary. It seems that stiffness has come to stay, causing you annoyances in every step you take. 

Try not taking the exercises too seriously and try to lower the rhythm a bit. You have a lot of things to do, and you won't be able to do them if you continue like this.