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Leo Prediction for 1 October

Your Horoscope for Monday
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At the beginning of the month, you're going to realize that you have some pending love issues that you have to fulfill.  To begin with, you should keep in mind that you have to pay the necessary attention to love so that it grows every day.

On the other hand, you should also be at peace with your own feelings. The new position of the stars seems to have put some obstacles in front of you so you can't feel at peace.

During the next few days, you will want everything to be easier and that the circumstances that surround you flow differently in your heart,  but if you get to see beyond the appearances, you'll realize that reality isn't as complicated as it seems. 


You start this first week with enough energy to face all the responsibilities you have to fulfill. Even though at the beginning you won't be sure about it, you'll be able to do everything very quickly. 

Regarding your job, you'll be surprised to realize that you'll have more free time than you usually have and you'll be able to dedicate that time to new projects or other tasks that give you a plus in your working progress. 

At home, you should keep this in mind: you'll be able to do more things than you expect if you look for the way of planning your economy and you don't go spending money unnecessarily.


The bad mood you're in won't make you any good, Leo, and these first days of the month can bring you some headaches. You have an exceptional quality, and it's that you are one of the most kind-hearted signs of the Zodiac, but you might show the opposite because of your impetus. 

In a week where you need to show more affection than usual, you should try to erase the negative that comes to your mind.

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