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Leo Prediction for 10 December

Your Horoscope for Monday
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This is a week you were really looking forward to because there is a special event happening, your partner or a relative's birthday, who you are preparing a party with to celebrate. 

With so many preparations you might have forgotten an essential detail: the present. Don't get overwhelmed and get your act together. 

When it comes to giving someone a present, you don't know what to get, so you might spend the day looking for the perfect gift. Be patient; you'll find what you're looking for easier than you think. 


Getting a loan today can expose you more than you'd like. With the means and resources that financial institutions have today, once you give them your personal data your financial situation is exposed without you being able to do anything to hide it. 

This can play against you if you already have other credits, so, before making a decision study all the conditions and make sure they are beneficial for you.

However, you might not want unknown people to have access to information about you. In any case, you will hesitate, and you might not even process the application.


Legumes are one of those foods that generally people like or don't like. For you, the presentation of a dish is very important, and you aren't going to have anything, and especially if you don't like it.

Today you may live a very amusing situation at lunchtime. It is possible that, due to work or other commitments, you end up sharing a table with people you don't know very well, and you find yourself obliged to eat a dish that you don't like. 

In this situation, you only have two options: ignoring the dish or making up some excuse, such as lack of appetite, to avoid having to go through a bad time. In any case, the anecdote will be amusing among your acquaintances.

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