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A sign of fire like yours is closely linked -perhaps too much- to its sentimental life. You like serious relationships, but you also don't want to give up the opportunity to enjoy new experiences. 

You are going to remember some people that were with you for some time with nostalgia; it's probably because you miss some things that you did with them. 

The tricky thing in love for you isn't to conquer someone, but to keep them for some time. Your eagerness to do new things and not fall into a routine that threatens to suffocate you might be responsible for that. If you want to avoid arguments, the best thing will be for you to be honest with yourself and your partner to find a way of dealing with it. 


A position of responsibility would force you to change your attitude, and that is precisely what your professional life needs. Today you'll have the chance to dream about the idea that things can improve and that there's going to be a vacancy that will be very attractive and interesting for you. 

Be careful with envies and don't let everybody know about your intentions because some people around you could act against you. When it comes to becoming a boss, everyone thinks they are prepared for it and finishing off their rivals becomes a priority that they don't hesitate to carry out without considerations.

For this reason, there are going to be turbid energies at work. The best way of getting away will be with your own positivism, but a quartz or an amethyst won't hurt either. 


Keeping your emotions and thoughts stable is one of the tasks you'll have to carry out in health matters during this Saturday. 

Don't push yourself too hard on a day when you may also find yourself a little convalescent at a physical level, as everything you do will have direct consequences.

There's no use being a superhero for only one day, Leo. Ration your commitments and your efforts, don't waste more energy than necessary and above all try to find a moment of peace that allows you to relax.