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Leo Forecast for December 11

Prediction for Tuesday
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A memory comes to your mind, it feels like a deja vu that is going to concern you during most of the day and doesn't let you concentrate on the most every day and straightforward tasks.

It is not usual for you to have obsessive thoughts, quite the opposite. Your mind tends to move forward and concentrate on enjoying the present and those who are with you and loyal to you.

Perhaps it is advisable to try to contact that person and resolve that concern in your heart. If you do not get an answer, at least you have tried, and the matter will just be forgotten.

Support your confidence in your own story of nobility and good intentions.


Good business has its origin in a sudden crazy thought or a game between friends. Don't reject that idea that sounds convincing. Separate your ego from your conscience and listen to your inside about what is the best path to follow. 

If you think it has some sense, talk about it with your closest friends or a member of your family, someone you know that wants the best for you and that will know how to advise you. 

For luck, golden candles on Tuesdays at noon lit with much faith in your sacred space, with incense and flowers, a bowl of clean water and whatever object you like. Prepare your place for meditation. It will help you to reinforce your intentions.


During this time of the year, the body feels exhausted, you don't rest much, and if you continue like that, you won't get to Friday very well.

Try not to make compromises once the working day is over and focus on yourself, on your need for silence to order your inner chatter.

How about an afternoon of relaxing and reading?  Some oriental philosophy could guide you towards that answer that only you know. Pay attention to the signs.

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