Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Sometimes you have a way of expressing yourself quite different from the way of others. This is something that your partner likes, however, sometimes too much originality can end up being too much for him or her. 

It seems that you're going to find today that, instead of plotting the way to make the ideas you have in your mind come true, you have to recede a little and be left with the desire.

If your partner resists giving free rein to that passion and that impetus that leads you to want to try everything that comes into your head, you will try to adapt. Something that will show what you are capable of doing for the person you love.


The week continues and today will be marked by a series of decisions and changes that will end up affecting your working day. You might have some schedule changes, or in the department where you work or in another one.

In any case, this won't be an immediate change. You'll know about it during today, and it will be effective further on. However, it will give you extra free time to do some other activities. 


Doing some activities outdoors is something you prefer not doing during this time of the year. You are scared that you could catch a cold or something similar if you do any aquatic sport.

If you have the right clothes and you don't act as if you were in the middle of the summer, you'll surely be able to enjoy your day better. You're going to have to get involved in the plan they propose, even if it's not the most appealing one for you.