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Leo Horoscope for 12 December

Your Forecast for Wednesday
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Someone is going to hurt you, and they are going to treat you as if it was your fault, and although you don't want to accept it, that huts your feelings. 


Magic Horoscope encourages you to stop depending on the admiration or rejection of others. You are sovereign, Leo, and that means owning oneself, independent in every way.

Going to the hairdresser for a change of luck is going to help you improve your mood. 

You're at a point to show the world the way you shine, like the sun at midday. 


The week begins with excellent news, in particular for Leos that have their birthday between 22 July and 1 August. All the projects that you started are viable, and you get the support of your superiors. 

But be careful because someone is going to judge your execution capacity and you want to do so much that you risk your reputation. If you can, delegate some simple tasks. 

You know how to express yourself to be convincing with your words and sympathy. However, if you are arrogant, you can lose an ally. 


You should go out walking or running to improve your circulatory system. Too much adrenaline threatens your health. When you feel tachycardia or your heart at an unusual rhythm, observe for a minute; you should take conscience and relax. 

If you feel like you're suffering from anxiety symptoms, don't forget that you have a family doctor you can trust.  

Running away from the doctor's office is not worthy of bravery, and you are more than that. An excellent early diagnosis can foresee major problems.