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You never write your mistakes down on the notebook of your sentimental life. You prefer remembering success and positive achievements, so you can feed your self-esteem and, why not, to brag about all the good things you think you've given that person that shared your life with you. 

This is something positive in a way, it's not good to be continually reminding ourselves about negative things and mistakes that we have made, but it's also true that if we leave them out, we'll never be able to correct them and improve. 


You should earn extra money because of the danger the work implies since you work side by side with that person. The bad mood is going to turn into a kind of overwhelming energy ready to make your stay at work complicated.

It's not a good day for smiles, Leo. You don't have to force yourself to express feelings you don't have. We all have the right of having a bad day, so, always from common sense and education, don't doubt about showing your disagreement with things you don't think are right. Sometimes it's good to keep our opinion and promote respect.


You will feel as if you had a series of cramps in your legs and arms, which are unusual for you but which you will remember having felt at some point in your life. It is quite possible that this is related to an incorrect diet and that you have exceeded yourself too much.

If the problem persists, you're going to need a doctor or nutritionist to help you figure out what those essential nutrients are that your body claims and you don't give it. Oats, bananas or seafood are foods that provide a lot of energy, you will probably find in them the nutrients your body is asking for.