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The influence of the moon is starting to make your love desires bigger. You'll have the feeling that you need love all the time and you won't stop until you please your desires. 

On the other hand, the position of the stars regarding your sing reveals an unknown situation that seems to be ready to shake your sentimental life and make you break most of the plans you already had.

You might start feeling attracted to someone you didn't expect, probably a different type of person that you don't usually like or, that you discover for the first time that you like someone from your same sex.


No matter how bad things look, at work, you never fail. Today you will have to face a series of inconveniences that will arise during the day, although they will be issues that some of your co-workers have originated. 

Similarly, if you manage your own business, you will find that you will have a few encounters with a client, probably motivated by a last-minute change in the clauses of the agreements you had agreed. 

Remember that what you always have to do is find a way not to complicate yourself and always try to go the way that your intuition is telling you to go. Fortunately, you have the weekend just around the corner.


The properties of each new food and the effects that these have on people aren't always the same. Much food can help improve some things, but you still have to keep in mind that each body is different and it reacts in consequence. 

Having this in mind, you shouldn't worry too much if you realize that the effects you were hoping for aren't coming, unlike what happens to a friend or relative. 

After all, it's all about patience, perseverance, and trust that sooner or later you'll begin to see results. If you don't try and don't persist, you'll never know if it works for you or not.