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Leo Magic Horoscope for December 13

Daily Prediction for Thursday
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A person who is very important to you is going through an existential crisis. Depression is dangerous because sometimes it is not perceived when it appears. Don't be fooled and take notice of the signs before it turns into something chronic. Only you, dear Leo, can help right now. Because you know how hard it is to suffer alone, so you have great empathy.

Towards the night, a nice invitation will help dissipate so much worry, accept, and enjoy good company and nice conversations that even though they seem frivolous, help renovate the energy. 

If you're living single days, don't dodge that kiss, it may feel refreshing.


What a good morning of positive results and accurate projections. Today everything you touch can turn to gold. Take advantage of the day and commit yourself to what you are most passionate about.

How long is it since you don't buy yourself a present? Buy yourself something pretty. You deserve more than you can imagine. Fortune is on your side, and the stars show it with a clear message.

The lucky numbers for today are 55 and 8. Alchemize with your thought every note that you have in your hands today.


Although you will spend the day with a lot of vitality, a good option for today is reflexology. A good feet massage. The moon in Pisces, today helps you unblock your sensitive points on the soles of your feet and thus favor all your organs and systems. You can visit a specialist or perform a self-massage with the help of a small ball. If you add a visit to the sauna, it would be complete and very cool.

The important thing is that you take advantage of today's magic, which can help you improve your overall health.


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