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Leo Daily Prediction for 14 December

Friday’s Leo Forecast
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Curiosity killed the cat. It won't kill you, though, Leo. But having a look at e-mails or messages on the phone that are not for you isn't something you should do, and you might find disappointing information. 

Knowing that you spend a lot of hours with someone you don't trust will make you feel bad. You don't deserve going through that. 

Magic Horoscope advises you to calm down when discovering something you don't like. Evaluate each option and make decisions with your heart. 

Everyone can make mistakes, and it is likely that everything is just a misunderstanding. Your possessivity can play a dirty trick on you


It feels good to know that they recognize your effort and your creative ability. It is very stimulating to end the week receiving congratulations from colleagues and bosses.

You will be recommended for your innovative vision and your ability to turn obstacles into new challenges for a new, more important, and better-paid position. Don't worry if they're slow to respond.

Good things always come to you, Leo. Today, the star of luck illuminates you. 

Expenses increase, and you should review the accounts so as not to have problems with business partners or family. Look for the balance between the income and the expenditures. Remember that you are trying to save. Don't derail all your efforts.


You haven't slept well and that alters your vision of reality. If you remember your dreams, try to write down the images you see in your dreams because there, you can find a lot of codified messages that you can figure out. 

Your dream world is full of information. There is no better way to know for sure how you feel than to remember your dreams. Are your dreams soft and peaceful? Do you wake up more tired than you go to bed? Try an infusion of linden and honey.

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