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If you're going through a transition period or you're discovering new concerns at an emotional and/or sexual level, your social surroundings will definitely help you. 

Besides what you think, the people that are close to you are going to accept you without criticizing or taboos. The position of the stars announces the arrival of a radical change of thought from you, that will go with an acceptation and good vibration aura.

On the other hand, if you're already in a relationship, both you and the person you share your life with are going to continue moving forward with your future plans, and you'll move a step forward in your relationship that will make you feel closer than ever.  


The current position of the stars over your sign reveals that, for now, there won't be important changes in your economy. However, if you sell a house or you are looking for one to buy, you're going to be lucky, and you'll arrange an agreement.

The same thing will happen to those Leos that are looking for a job. If you're on it, you'll have some luck in sectors that are related to the home -decoration, design, factories, and furniture shops, etc.- in both public-facing and bureaucratic and/or administrative positions.

On the other hand, pay attention to the financial and working opportunities that people around you offer you because in the next days, friends and relatives can bring you some good luck at an economical level. 


The challenge of getting enough rest is something that is being more difficult for you than you expected. If there are work commitments that you can't avoid and that are going to take time away from you, then you'll have to set aside other obligations, such as invitations to meetings and social events. 

If you really want to improve your health and find yourself better, you will have to learn to prioritize and look for the options that are most comfortable for you. Taking on as much work as you're taking on is beginning to wear you out and could cause serious health problems.