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Leo Prediction for 15 December

Your Horoscope for Saturday
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The emotions lived throughout the week have been so intense that you don't know whether to go out or stay in sleeping all day. However, Magic Horoscope points out that the astrological disposition favors reconciliations and encounters from heart to heart. 

There's no point in hiding yourself and from your pedestal, distance yourself. 

Today is an excellent day to hug someone because you understand your psychological motivations and you want to understand the rest. And that is the first step to find yourself soul to soul, Leo. 

You are going to leave your pride aside for once, and you are going to recognize that you were making a mistake in a way that you didn't think about the rest. 

Why do you have to suffer and miss the opportunity to heal wounds? 


If you don't organize your Christmas shopping soon, you will feel a lot of pressure further on, because you will have to watch out for the prices and you'll have to know what to buy. But for that, you should know who you're spending Christmas with and that depends on multiple factors. 

Keep calm! Your originality and style when it comes to organizing parties and events are synchronized with this situation you live today. You know how to find solutions and manage the most incredible parties. 

You can appeal to your creativity and find great gifts at a very low cost.


When it comes to wellness, you're at your best. Your self-esteem is high, thanks to Jupiter's fortunate position in the leonine sky. This makes you sexier and more attractive than ever, and your look is worthy of a catwalk.

It's been a long time since you've felt this way, this state of mind favors all your relationships because you can approach your friends and give them your optimism and good advice.

The family and environment are favored with your joy and sensitivity, and that feeds back your welfare.

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