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Leo Forecast for December 16

Prediction for Sunday
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Today the lunar opposition is going to put you on the defensive if your freedom of action is alibied. You feel controlled. The people who love you know that you need to go your own way and that's the way to get the best out of you.

The truth is you should try to get to know yourself better after this experience that repeats itself once and again. You cannot expect not to be suffocated, while you ask your friends and loved ones for some attention, like the king demands of his entourage.

A bit of introspection and fewer lamentations are essential for that relationship that you really care about to take a step forward. 


In the afternoon, you'll find surprises regarding your economy. Expenses that you had forgotten could be revealed. Check if you are up to date with all your taxes and services, organize your desk, your receipts, dust off and discard what is no longer useful.

You know when you tidy your house, your ideas are also tidied up. Today's energy can surprise you with new plans to earn some money developing a latent capacity. You can clean the stagnant energy with the soft aroma of essential oils of cinnamon and myrrh. Light incense and free your abundance. 


You can feel your joints as a consequence of a diet full of chemicals and saturated fats that can't be eliminated well from your organism and that are accumulated in your muscles and tendons. 

You should take action as soon as possible to improve your wellbeing. Your diet doesn't have to be enhanced after your figure. You need to stop eating cold meats and pastries. Prepare some homemade food for the week. Think about your body with more love. 

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