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Today you are going to receive some unexpected messages from your partner that are going to surprise you a lot. The most likely thing is that they make you a proposal that you never thought they would.

However, this change of attitude you are going to receive it with arm wide open, and it's going to make you smile all day. Feeling wanted by the other person is for you a kind of triumph that makes you feel very happy and gives you extra energy. 

There are several types of love, and it seems that both you and the person who you share your life with are in a phase in which you need the same thing. A good dose of romantic love never hurts, although neither of you is especially classic.


It's Friday, and the climate at work won't be as good as expected. Chances are that a cyclone is beginning to form on you that will last until next week, but in any case, it won't have direct negative consequences for you.

This attitude might make you feel united so you can defend everything that you have rights to have. 

Be careful; it might be a wake-up call: a warning that the time here is reaching its end and that you should find new horizons and challenges. 


Your body keeps accumulating exhaustion and you're going to have the feeling that you get to Friday very tired. There are necessary steps that your doctor can tell you, so you face the month with a bit of more strength. 

The days you know what to do you feel better than those that you don't really know what to do to feel better. During this weekend that is just around the corner, the best thing you can do is revise what doesn't benefit you and change it.