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Leo Horoscope for 17 December

Your Forecast for Monday
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When you think that relationships are for the rest of your life, you limit its course, because without realizing you condition the other person to your idea, instead of allowing them to feel free and attracted to be with you.

Imagine what your life would be like if you had everything for granted. Today you might meet someone who will show you another way of feeling and living the reality of every day, someone simple and fun. 

You'll discover that in relationships not everything has the same formula and you'll be willing to live an adventure with no limits or prejudice.

If you are in a relationship, you can let yourself get carried away by the fantasies they propose you; you will renew passions. Enjoy yourselves together!


Someone from your work environment who knows about your experience and abilities needs your help. Don't hesitate in helping them, but don't forget your responsibilities. Priorities are priorities, and that task has to be done by first thing in the morning. Then you'll be able to help them.

You can trust your talent and your commercial intuition which is boosted this Monday by the good aspects of Mercury. A trip can arise as an opportunity to grow and expand. Don't hesitate, Leo.


Everyone wants to have a perfect health and feel well, but for that, you have to do some merits. People from your sign need to look after the intake of cholesterol because the heart is the weak spot of Leos.

You don't need to feel bad or have a bad cholesterol level result to start looking after yourself. Do it today. You can add fiber foods to your diet, eat oatmeal, replace buns and bread with fruits and cereal bars.

Do it as you like, you'll feel great, full of energy.

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