Leo Horoscope for 17 November

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You might think that you haven't had the luck you exected in love or that you have met people that haven't treated you as you deserved. The truth is that you should focus on trying to get the positive learning from these experiences instead of feeling sorry.

You've been looking for someone to share your life with. However, the fact that all the partners you've met don't end in the relationship you'd like to is starting to make you desperate. 

Today is a day to reflect on what your priorities are and what you are you exactly looking for in the other person. Making a list of everything you'd like him or her to provide you with is a good option, on the condition that you don't use it as an excuse to justify some things you know you can't demand.  


People often see you as someone who imposes too much at work, and it seems like some of your colleagues hide from you. Your sudden mood changes are driving everybody crazy.

Even though you're looking for a new job, this is something you should start changing, or you'll drag it with you wherever you go. 

The position of the starts in relation to your sign reveals that it's a very positive day to reflect in all aspects and start establishing new action guidelines. 

Knowing how far a change of attitude can take us is information you won't have unless you get down to work without qualms or fears. Go ahead.


The weakest point in a person's health can vary over time. This means that the weaknesses you had a few years ago aren't the same as you have now, so you shouldn't be afraid of some ailments reappearing.

Just as when you practice an activity you acquire some skills that allow us to develop them with greater ease, our body strengthens and changes the way it reacts to the adversities of the environment.