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Leo Magic Horoscope for December 18

Daily Prediction for Tuesday
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Regarding affective matters, today will be a calm day. You could take advantage of such peace to start a creative activity. It will help you express your feelings without so much drama. 

Imagine how you could express yourself if you did it with passion under control instead of showing yourself as a wounded child. Everyone knows that you are the king of your family environment, but you have to try not to overuse that careless way of claiming what you want.

You could try a dancing class. A ceramic or drawing workshop, or even going to the choir group near your house. Whatever you feel like will be good to start with. Enjoy, Leo!


Today there is an astral vibration that reinforces your positive qualities at work and in your professional attitude. Not everyone takes into account the importance of dissemination and advertising, and you will carry out at any price and with all your effort the promotion of your product or service.

You know how to express the benefits they are going to obtain if they work with you.

Your clear aims are abundance and success. Leo needs to feel admired and respected for what they do, and that is why you feel the need for acknowledgment. Towards the end of the day, your attitude can awaken the rage of your colleagues or your professional rival. 

You can't go playing around without any consequences. Protect yourself with a black tourmaline gemstone in your left pocket.


Your sexual appetite can see itself decreased because you are doing too much. You know, you need to use all that excess of energy in something that is good for you. 

What's better than sticking to your gym routines. Half an hour a day is more than enough and brings you great benefits. Do you feel you need some exercise?


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