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For you, love relationships evolve following a common pattern from the rest of people around you, but if a relationship doesn't follow the same steps as another one, it doesn't mean it's more or less valid.

You've been worried for some days about the fact that you and the person you share your life with have stopped taking important steps in your relationship, for example, move and live together, getting married or even having a baby. 

Each relationship has its pace, and the important thing is that you are both comfortable with the situation you're at. Whenever this is like that, none of you will have anything to fear. 


Sometimes you spend without realizing, and this is giving your partner, your parents or a business partner a headache. 

That person doesn't agree with your decisions in economic matters and today that circumstance can lead to an important argument between you two. 

When it comes to using money that doesn't belong exclusively to you, it's true that you have to think a little about that other person and that he or she also has expenses to face. It's not fair that you spend most of the money and that your partner, parents or colleagues don't have enough for things that are also necessary for them.


There's a part of your body that you aren't paying much attention to, and today it will let you know. Be careful because you run the risk of suffering from otitis, an infection of the ear canal that can cause you unpleasant discomfort.

This infection is usually caused by the excess of water in the ears and the excess of cleaning them.  Be careful with this when you shower or if you're thinking about going to the swimming pool or a similar place. 

You should also get by without cotton buds, as they can make your ears sore and as a consequence get this infection.