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Leo Daily Horoscope for December 19

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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It isn't favorable for your love relationship that you are raving mad and that you think you can go telling people what to do instead of asking affectionately what you want from them. 

You have to let go of resentments; you aren't weaker for expressing what you feel. 

You could shake the branches of your heart, so the old leaves of love fall. It's time to renew the feelings that make you feel you have no energy. 

Pay attention and observe your surroundings because there's something that is draining your vitality. Listen to your heart while you evaluate what you are feeling today.


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Starting the day with good news means starting the day with the right foot. Listen and think before making any decisions that include partners or people that are related to your economy. 

You have to learn the art of diplomacy and negotiation. Essential benefits could come from the hand of an older person who makes you a commercial or a new job proposal.

Don't disregard new possibilities because you want to seem unstable. Remember that undertakings are like a creature that in its first steps hesitates and does not cease to flourish with time. Support your intuition with your choices and take advantage of the astral energy flow that is favoring you now.


You must protect your respiratory system. Your lungs and your throat are sensitive today. You must pay attention and wear something warm to face these fluctuations. 

Leo, it is very convenient to take care of the changes of temperature between the exterior and the interior since the climatized air can play you a bad trick. You could catch a cold or worse a bronchitis.

You can sweeten your infusions with good quality organic honey, which is rich in trace elements, vitamins, and minerals that protect you from viruses and bacteria. 

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