Leo Daily Prediction for 19 November

Monday’s Leo Forecast
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Being able to let your fantasies loose is something essential for you and for this reason you have decided that a requirement that the person who is going to be your partner should meet is to be an open-minded person without taboos.

It seems that little by little you are becoming clear about what you would like to have and what you wouldn't want in order to maintain a relationship that brings certain emotional stability to your life. This is good news because it means a very positive change in you.

Also, think that, once you know what you're looking for, it will be much easier for you to find it.


There are some future plans that you would like to carry out and although you think it's soon to go for it, what concerns you is that even if you wanted to carry them out, you wouldn't be able to because of economic matters. 

Your priorities seem to be clearer in all aspects of your life. So, finding a job that offers you the stability, the timetable, and the salary that you need so you can carry out your future plans has become the primary objective for you. 


In the same way that you can be so impulsive as to make others believe that you don't meditate too much on what you do, sometimes you can also bring out an unusual sensitivity and empathy that makes people around you completely change their mentality.

Today your impulsivity and wanting to help others are going to get together to lead you to make an important decision, for example, starting to collaborate with some association or organization that works with people that have some kind of disease. 

A very wise decision that reflects that change in mentality that is taking place in you and that will make you feel better about yourself and get rid of some trauma of the past.