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It's a good start of the weekend: you have a lot of free time to enjoy the company of your partner, friends, and relatives and you're not going to hesitate in taking advantage of it as much as you can.

You'll feel full of positive energy that will lead you to want to do loads of things. It's good to feel motivated, but you mustn't fall into the error of letting yourself be carried away by your impulses and end up making mistakes because of impatience.

This doesn't mean that you have to abandon your illusions and dreams. It's just about thinking before going for it and not making decisions that you aren't entirely sure about. 


You're not someone who likes planning the future too much, but today you're going to consider the possibility of starting to save to have a financial cushion with which you'll be able to face unforeseen expenses. 

You could spend some time this weekend to inform yourself about the options you have and the possible savings plans you could contract.

As for your debts, you'd better try to pay them off as soon as possible, otherwise, you may have short-term financial problems.


A new passion is going to bring you back together to a hobby from the past that you had forgotten about. Although it's an activity that benefits your health, negative influences will arise that will try to test you.

Not everything that is present in your life is going to be positive things. Vices from the past are going to come back: try to eliminate the negative influences and avoid temptations for some days. 

Remember that temptations only appear to test you, so you prove what is what you really want and you stand by the importance of fighting for your objectives.