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Leo Horoscope for 2 December

Your Forecast for Sunday
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You aren't a person that likes going back. This is the reason why you generally don't have too much patience when teaching things to people and you don't like going through the same situations again and again. 

In the aspect of love, this means that your tendency is going to lead you to let a person go when you see something in them that reminds you of a bad experience from the past.

If you have a date today, be careful because you can see yourself immersed in a not very pleasant meeting. Some people don't know how to deal with your character, don't let yourself be used by anybody. 


If you start revising some emails from work or issues that you have pending about your professional life you will be surprised because you are going to discover some elements that you didn't know about.

Some people have two faces, one they show the rest and another one they keep for when they need to use it. What they usually tell you isn't what they think, a discovery that is going to cause you quite a lot of insecurities. 


The prognosis about your health is positive, Leo, because there aren't any problems foreseen that could threaten you. Your willingness of being able to give the best of you will play in your favor, giving you enough energy as to let bad vibrations and anything that can harm you aside.

During the weekend you have the chance of recovering some strength and resting, and this will also help you to put an end to those annoyances from physical exercise that you have done during this week.

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