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Empathy is a quality you'll take more notice of from now on when you have to talk to your partner. An excellent option as it's a quality that it seems to be forgotten, but that is really important for a relationship to work. 

When you want to fight for someone that you like you know you should have a clear and definite strategy, but you also know it's important to listen, take things with philosophy, calmly, without allowing problems to become a big thing. 


The strength you dedicate to other aspects of your life is going to be necessary for the next days at a professional level, Leo. The stars form the Magic Horoscope recommend you this Friday to dedicate it to plan how you're going to fulfill all the tasks you have to do and that you take advantage of the weekend to rest as much as you can and you save energies because you're going to need them. 

If you work in the business world and you've been carrying out some offers with the purpose of capting new clients, you'd better not stop because even if it doesn't seem like it now, you're going to make big profits.

It's time to accelerate the rhythm, move forward without looking back and above all, don't give up even though it's difficult. It will be the effort you want to invest that sets the goal you are going to reach and, in the position in which you are, you have the possibility of achieving almost anyone.


Your outer world is not in tune with your inner world, and that is what is causing you to have your spirits a little mixed. Today your goal will be to clear your mind a little, find that moment of peace that allows you not to think about anything and limit yourself to become aware of your own being.

If you begin to visualize things with a halo of positive energy, chances are you will find the answer you are looking for. In addition, your feelings will also be transformed, and everything will begin to seem much easier for you. When you see that something is about to bloom, you will be generating the perfect climate for perfect health.