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The lunar phase that we're at is going to help you face all the pending love issues you have. Remember that, these days, you have to solve problems, not take radical decisions. 

On the other hand, the ones that haven't found love yet or that don't have a partner have to control their impulses so that they don't scare everyone that decides to get near them.


It's your persistent and strong character that allows you to get plethoric at the end of the path you decide to go down.  You know that being able to achieve everything in this life requires an effort and that is the reason why you don't allow impatience to dominate you, becoming an essential aspect for your success.

Today you might receive an offer at work that you are going to accept, feeling satisfied with yourself and worthy of your success. If on the contrary, you're looking for a job, continue as you're doing and you'll soon get the results you long for.


It doesn't seem that the stars are willing to give you truce neither today nor tomorrow. You feel especially clumsy, and although for the moment you have not suffered a fortuitous fall, you know that it could happen at any time.

You see yourself very vulnerable and the reality is not that bad. However, if you don't do your bit to get to concentrate a bit more, you might end up having to change your weekend plans and relaxing.

On the other hand, leave that hostility you have for fruit, especially citric fruits because you're going to need some extra energy.