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Leo Daily Horoscope for December 20

Your Horoscope for Thursday
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Sensitivity and melancholy will cloud your mind, and you won't be able to stop thinking about all those past situations and in the way your life has changed in the last seven years. 

Avoid receiving some bad mood and pessimism influences that don't make you any good and that bring some conflict to your house. You are in an intense emotional process today.

However, an invitation to a special event at night will change the tone. 

Don't let anyone steal your happiness, not even those who you really love and you appreciate with all your heart. Go and have some fun!


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Today you'll feel proud of everything you have achieved. You'll learn how to take advantage of negative experiences you've been through because you had too much confidence in the support from your beloved ones, and you'll find the way of being more independent to solve your problems. 

You might have to ask for a loan to face the payments and expenses you have had. 

Your lucky numbers today are 44 and 13.


Too much time in front of the phone and the computer can make you have cramps, displacements of vertebrae and excessive tension in the cervicals. 

You know, Leo, the spine is one of your weak points when it comes to health, and you must be very attentive when it comes to preventing significant problems. On the contrary, you could suffer from chronic pathologies, and you don't want that to happen, Leo. 

Seek advice from a traumatologist, but in the meantime, you must take short breaks during the workday, stand up and move. 

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