Leo Prediction for 20 November

Your Horoscope for Tuesday
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Wherever you go today you will feel irresistible. You are going to wake up with exceptional humor that will lead you to show off and offer your best physical appearance, and you will look at yourself in every mirror or window... wherever you can see yourself will go unnoticed today.

If you are single, you are going to feel you have a considerable attraction ability and that will take you to get nearer that person you feel attracted to. In the case that you don't have anybody in mind, don't worry because the stars will help you, so someone crosses your way.


Being in constant movement from one side to another takes a toll on anyone. This weel you have to carry out a task that you don't usually have to and tiredness will threat with damaging your good mood. If you stop to think, you'll believe that this is all because you aren't fit enough. 

In your case, this coming and going you are going to be subjected to this week will lead you to find yourself with people that in the near future will have a lot to say about your professional future,  so show your smile wherever you go.

In the end, this will be useful to discover that the truth is that what is a problem for some is an opportunity for others: everything depends on how you look at it. 


Something as trivial as a photo shoot can become your worst nightmare. You are a very demanding person with your appearance, seeing that you're not able to find a photo of yourself that you really like can cause a big drama.

Be careful because if you give this too much importance you can end up with your self-esteem on the floor. It seems as though the stars are prepared to test you today, a day in which you have woken up in a good mood and with your a huge ego.

Although you see yourself as an irresistible person, this can be a double-edged sword: the fact that you don't like a simple image can make you think whether the rest really see you as you do. 

This isn't such an important issue, this happens to most people. Who hasn't looked in the mirror at home before leaving the house thinking how beautiful they look and then they have taken a photo in which they don't think they look that good?

Keep in mind that you are going to receive a little cure of humility. However, this doesn't mean that you should allow that something that isn't important to ruin your good mood.