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Sometimes you want less than what you deserve, or you're okay with little. In your love life you've always asked for the same requirements, and you've had different results, yes, but you've been in repeated situations, why could that be?

You're probably not being as demanding as you think you are, or you're not even sure what kind of things you're willing to accept from your partner and what you're not. However, if you don't solve this issue, you will always end up experiencing the same problems over and over again.

It seems that what at first seemed to be something stable is not going to be completely stable. You must establish your own limits and make it clear which situations you do not want to tolerate. It's no use making yourself strong or pretending you're okay when in fact it's just the opposite.


The truth is that the average salaries don't correspond to the expenses people have to face every month. Realizing this a few days before the end of the month will give you the relief that there is little left for you to receive your salary, but you will also have to go through some of the most challenging days.

This extra money that you save for any unforeseen event is what keeps you at the end of the month, but if you don't replace it, there will be a moment that it will finish and you'll have to look for other alternatives. 

Coming out of the spiral is more complicated than it seems and as immediate solutions, you only have two options: either look for new sources of income or change certain habits and lead a more austere life.


Looking at yourself in the mirror and verifying that you're in an excellent physical condition is really important for you. It's a way of calming your mind and relax all those thoughts of self-demand that torment you every so often.

You look like the living image of the "mens sana in corpore sano," a 'leitmotiv' that you have assumed as your own and that you don't hesitate to fulfill almost to the letter. This is where you get more satisfaction because it allows you to boast about the results of your achievements in front of others and at the same time, feel for myself everything you've achieved.

Be careful because in some environments it's easy to awaken jealousy among others and that can lead them to harm you somehow.