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Leo Daily Prediction for 20 September

Thursday’s Leo Forecast
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Platonic and impossible loves seem better to you than real ones. At least they act as they want and they treat you as an authentic king or queen of the jungle, Leo.

They are basically incredible loves because they haven't been materialized. From the minute you put a name and surname to this possible love, you'll realize that they don't fulfill your expectations and you'll feel a bit disappointed. 

Reality is quite different from what you think and until you give that person a chance, you will never know what would have happened or not. Even if you spend whole days imagining, you will never come across an image that truly corresponds to the truth.


There are successes that you don't give much importance to because you are always going to aim higher on the step where you move. The certain thing is that, although you consider that they aren't the expected ones, they are leading you to the right path.

You like fighting and you are able to do it without stopping until you reach your goal. Today, however, there will be some Leos who raise an issue and they won't feel confident that they have chosen the path they would have really liked.

This will happen especially to those who are studying, either at the university level or perhaps in a specialized school in a specific professional area.

It's never too late to take a step back and take another path, but if you keep rowing you will realize that the goal is closer than it seems. And since you have come this far and it has been difficult to get here, you could at least finish what you have started.


Today you will feel at the end of the day an extreme fatigue resulting from an exaggerated activity, Leo. After a few days in which you have dedicated yourself to try to cover more than you can and to take responsibility for too many things, you will feel that you have reached the limit.

The day will always have 24 hours no matter how hard you try to plan activities for which you know you won't have time. In the end, it will end in the night and you will get to it defeated and with some unhealthy bags under your eyes due to lack of sleep and too much caffeine.

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