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Being happy next to the person you love should be something easy, but lately, you are making it an impossible mission to achieve. 

What is there better than being happy next to someone that you know would do anything for you? You may sometimes think of things you think they do wrong or could have done better, but what good is it to martyr yourself so much?

In love, the person who wins is not always who offers the most, the one who behaves better or the one who is most thoughtful. In fact, love is not a game to be won or lost. Reality must be above any ideal or fantasy: put your feet on the ground, Leo.


Having the house tidy, all the payments to the day and the well-planned week in your schedule will make the difference when it comes to starting a new week. With so much organization, you might even start this Monday, that is nearly here, with happiness.

Without being a strict person or given to planning, you are very responsible, and you love order: an equation that will undoubtedly make the difference throughout the first day of the week and that will make you fulfill all your obligations without arriving home exhausted.

Don't waste your time: your mission this Sunday is to leave everything ready and have enough rest. 


When you know exactly what steps to take, it's really complicated to make a mistake. However, if this were true for 100% of the cases, we would probably stop being human beings to become perfect machines. 

Making mistakes about certain things related to your health and appearance is something that frightens you. In fact, for this reason, you usually prefer to stay short rather than step forward and take risks.

Are you afraid of the unknown? Maybe. In any case, what is clear is that nothing ventured, nothing gained and that if you get stuck in those questionable thoughts, you'll never be able to achieve the change you want to achieve.