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Leo Daily Prediction for 21 September

Friday’s Leo Forecast
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For a sign of fire like yours, falling in love with oneself isn't difficult. When someone considers themselves the king of the jungle, self-esteem problems isn't a concept that belongs to their usual language. 

The truth is that the counterpart of all this is that, when it comes to finding a partner, if you don't share your life with someone who feels comfortable placing themselves at least a step lower than yours, the competition between the two members can be tremendous.

If you share your life with an Aries or a Sagittarius, you won't be the one that gives in and the situation can get even more complicated in the case that your partner is also a Leo. 

So, you only have one option and it's to keep yourself firm and wait for the other person to fall at your feet.  A triumph that will make you feel really satisfied, but that can plant the seed of a conflict of interests that will end up putting an end to your love.


At work, you've been assuming new responsibilities and being in charge of several tasks that didn't belong to you before because of the circumstances of the moment, but the truth is that now that everything has finished you realize that you're still in charge of some of these things. 

You seem to be more than prepared to occupy a position of greater responsibility, but in general, the competition is brutal and your superiors don't seem willing to consider you as one more.

In this context, you have two options: leaving aside these new tasks that you are in charge of, so you're left as you were before, or fight until the end to achieve a higher position. And it seems you've already made the decision...


The health pieces of advice that you received in the past are going to come back to stay. Although you didn't listen to some of them, this time you'll decide to follow them.

You need that person who used to look after you 24 hours a day, but today you may only have the knowledge they gave you when they were next to you. 

Going back to the past isn't something bad if we sometimes use it to recover those life lessons that today help us give that touch of control and security that our day to day needs.

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