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Leo Daily Horoscope for December 22

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Today you are sad because you feel that your partner or someone in a love relationship with you isn't committing enough. 

You could cause arguments if you persist in focusing on your needs and seeing things with such a lack of objectivity.

You must try to understand their motivations, obligations to their family and friends instead of thinking they're betraying you.

Are you afraid of being dumped? You're insisting on so much love and attention that you might end up missing out on the best of this relationship due to what the fear triggers in you. You’ll generate the opposite of what you want. Stalking and arrogance aren´t going to help you. As the saying goes, you know that if you love, you must give freedom to the loved one. 

Magic Horoscope suggests that you organize a get-together with your friends and family

You'll see how passionate the gathering is.


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You’ll wake up with the consciousness that you have power over your professional and economic results. Your positive thinking and willingness are worth a lot. Put them into action. 

You know the importance of acknowledging and highlighting your values and gifts. You know as well how central it is to turn your negative thoughts into statements that generate self-confidence in the future.

If you haven't tried it yet, get down to work and start working on a statement this week. Write down something you wish to happen in your life and affirm the statement positively. You'll see how the magic of your power reveals itself!

Your lucky numbers today are 68 and 71.


Gaining weight is a concern for many people when the year-end binges are approaching.

Magic Horoscope warns you that overweight is often caused by problems of emotional origin.

Have you ever eaten without appetite? Lots of people eat out of boredom, anxiety or to keep their feelings at bay, and silence them.

Are you silencing your feelings while your mouth is busy chewing? 

If your ideal weight goes through the roof, you may use some techniques suggested by Magic Horoscope: avoid feeling guilty, value the food you eat, follow the rhythm of your body, do some moderate exercise.

Most importantly: don't hide, accept yourself. 

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