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In your deepest dreams, you are starting to see the silhouette of that person that really corresponds to you and it complements with you perfectly well. You seem to know what you are looking for in a person, but without falling into unachievable dreams. 

You start drawing in front of you the figure of someone who is going to get in your way for some reason, but this doesn't mean that we are talking about a relationship. Friendship is also a way of loving, without the danger of suffering because of too intense feelings. 


In a day you didn't expect to receive surprises, you'll discover that you always have to be ready for anything. You might receive an unexpected prize, such as winning a raffle or draw you had already forgotten about.

If you have the chance, take advantage of this good luck and buy the lottery because there are a lot of possibilities of winning again. The truth is the more significant the prize is, the more difficult it is to achieve it, but sometimes you just need a bit of support from the stars. 


The origin of some diseases, illnesses or ailments is not always easy to define. In many cases, what the doctors do is act against the symptoms they know, something you seem to do carelessly.

You should be careful with some decisions that you make when you start feeling that something is wrong in your organism. Taking some medications without medical prescription isn't something you can do carelessly, Leo. Although you believe you know your body more than anyone does, you should trust professionals more.