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Leo Forecast for September 22

Prediction for Saturday
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It's a good day today to try to give your love life or your relationship a bit of excitement if you feel you're getting stuck in the routine. 

Either if you're single or in a relationship you'll enjoy visiting new places or doing some different activity where you can meet new interesting people. 

In the case of the couples, the most advisable thing is that you bet on going to a quiet place where you can be alone and relight the flame of love that seems to go out at some point because of the day to day life. 


You and someone close to you are going to start discussing the possibility of investing together in some business association. In the prediction of the stars, it isn't foreseen that this movement of capitals will be harmful, but it's advisable to take some measures.

If you don't know much about this sector, the best thing before taking the final steps will be to know the risks you're taking and the capacity that you have to assume the expenses in case you see yourself forced to do so in an unexpected event.

It wouldn't hurt to raise the possibility of taking the advice of an expert, such as an economist or even a lawyer, to be clear about what can be expected from this investment.


It's a good moment for everything that has to do with hospitals, medical treatments or the beginning of interventions that had been postponed over time as well as any other similar project related to health, including cosmetic surgery operations.

If you have to be admitted into a clinic or a medical centre for a surgical intervention or to give birth, today or the next seven days are a good occasion because you have the protection of the stars and a good position of your ruling star, the Sun, that is in tune with your sign and the rest of the signs. 

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