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Leo Daily Horoscope for December 23

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Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Today you’ll find yourself in a variety of tense situations. With arguments lurking around every corner, you’ll struggle to keep calm amid so much conflict. You’ll have to explain your own actions as well as justify those of others.

Take a deep breath, Leo, soon you’ll no longer be the target of the surrounding conflicts and insecurities.

Today Mars is far from being on your side, and it seems like everyone is against you. Putting your mind at ease will help you overcome the problems and reproaches you’ll have to face.

A stranger is helping you out, and she advises you well. Listen to her, and you’ll soon find a way out. 

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Today is the day to get rid of all the useless things. Make room in your wardrobe because soon you’ll be enjoying new clothes for the season that has just begun.

Make time to plan your work schedule. The more you accomplish today, the more free time you’ll have tomorrow.

Don’t forget to take a talisman with you, perhaps the Eye of Horus.

Magic Horoscope suggests getting yourself a bouquet of rue. This plant acts as an effective shield against envy and bad vibes. You’ll soon notice a positive change in your luck.


Today’s astrological dynamics is very complex. The failure to relieve your anxiety might weaken your immune system, and the last thing you want is to get sick.

You dangerously let the negative people around you manipulate you and impose their burden on you. They’ll just spoil your mood.

Don’t let anyone affect your health by making you feel angry, sad or shed tears. Remember that your body is your temple and it’s your responsibility to keep it calm and balanced.