Leo Daily Horoscope
Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Chance can be with you in a day in which you will count on the support, not only from the stars but also from Cupido. Whatever party or social meeting you go to this weekend will be an excellent opportunity for you to meet someone special. 

Get your best clothes out and let that energy that shines wherever you go play its cards. That person that you thought was very difficult to find with all those qualities that make them unique and that you were looking for is going to appear before you. 


If you want to surprise or enjoy a different evening you'll have to spend some of your money on it. Money comes and goes, but some opportunities only happen once, and you have one in front of you. 

It's probable that the social commitments will make you concerned about the state of your bank account, but the truth is that you can still afford yourself a whim once in a while.

If you have worked non-stop the last few days, you deserve investing some of your earnings on your own pleasures. Sometimes happiness has to become your priority.


Mental health has the same importance than the physical one, and it can be looked after through techniques such as reiki or by practicing activities such as yoga. Through what is called in reiki a "therapeutic touch," energy that looks for the emotional or physical cure of the patient is transmitted. 

If you have been looking for the way of being in peace with yourself or putting an end to some annoyances, I'm sure that this technique or any alternative therapy can help you achieve it. Now that you can enjoy your free time a bit, your priority has to be to find a way of improving health and wellbeing