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Leo Horoscope for 23 September

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Now that the end of September is coming, you'll reconsider from another point of view the way you are acting in your love relationship.

Yesterday, you tried to change that state of routine that your relationship is stuck in and that has taken you to think about all the options. 

You might be asking yourself what you can do to try and change things, but you'll also do a personal reflection exercise that will lay out important matters, like for example, if you could have given the other person more than what you've given them. 

Things will be easier for those Leos that share their lives with an Aries, a Sagittarius or even an Aquarius because their level of mutual understanding will be at the top today.

If you are single, the position of the stars of the Magic Horoscope reveals that what you've been dreaming of for a long time will start to become true. 


The astral prediction in economic matters for today follows the line of the previous ones to the weekend: a close person is going to become someone determining for your financial development, so listen carefully to all the proposals that you receive.

For this reason, the Magic Horoscope recommendation is that you don't underestimate the possibilities that come your way.  Before saying no to an offer, meeting or project, give yourself the opportunity of getting to know and evaluate what the proposal is about. 

However, beware of those opportunists that may also arise. Although they are not going to be a significant threat, sometimes you tend to complicate your life with people that don't appreciate your qualities or don't value your time. 


As far as health is concerned, the astral luck confirms the arrival of a right moment to undergo any medical intervention.

Once this bitter moment has ended, you can rest assured that those issues that disturb you now will be forgotten, turned into something minimal in your medical history.

You have a very positive energy reserve that will inspire you and give you strength to overcome any ailment. Also, your regent star, the Sun, guides and illuminates you with extraordinary intensity.

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